Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


We are a large, interdisciplinary group of faculty from the STEM disciplines and various education fields who study teaching and learning. Our most recent annual report is available.

The STEM Initiative offers our faculty a world-class qualitative research lab as well as current statistical software and expert assistance with the analysis of data. We hold a growing library of pedagogical materials, academic journals and research handbooks. Faculty release time is available, along with funds for conference travel. We also sponsor visits by leaders in educational research and pedagogies. In return, our faculty develop state-of-the-art instruction, publish extensively, and travel internationally to provide advice to universities and government agencies on research-based instructional methods.

We have already started collaborating with similar centers internationally, and are combining our strengths with other education leaders like PKAL (Project Kaleidoscope) to further the reform of STEM education from K through gray.

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