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STEM Education Initiative

Qualitative Education Research Lab (QERL)

Riddick 222

Our state-of-the-art facility provides researchers with several options when they need to record students interacting in some manner with physics content. Scientists can make use of small or large interview rooms which are unobstrusively viewable (and controllable) from a separate room via a one-way mirror. They can also utilize a small production studio so that they or the students they are working with can capture and stream video content. It is even possible to observe and record students as they themselves are creating videos.

All recorded video and audio data is captured in the observation room by an array of Apple Mac mini's and Mac Pros. All data collected is securely stored with redundancy protection. An audio mixer and matrix switcher lets the researcher combine and condition audio from any microphone and reroute to any video capture device. It is possible to remotely control video capture (with silent panning and zooming) from the control room as well as monitor and pan/zoom any camera wirelessly from a laptop within the interview room.

The QERL is available for use by NC State STEM researchers following a short orientation with the Lab Coordinator. Specific documentation is provided for interested researchers to schedule an interview session, capture the interview, and export the data to a USB hard drive provided by the researcher.

Click on each room on the map below to explore its features.

Small Interview Room   


This room, designed for small group or individual interviews features:

Large Interview Room   


This room, designed for classroom observation and focus group interviews features:

Learning Glass Studio   


This dual purpose room allows researchers to observe interviews, just like the other Small Interview Room. Additionally, it is a full video production studio equipped with LearningGlass capabilities. This includes:

Here is a demo of the kinds of things you can do in our LearningGlass Studio.

Control Suite   


The "BatCave" allows researchers to observe interviews with the protection of invisibility and capture all video/audio from the interview session. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to: