QERL: Qualitative Education Research Lab


We have one of the best qualitative research labs of any STEM department in the country.

Our new state-of-the-art facility, called QERL for Qualitative Education Research Lab, provides researchers several options when recording student interviews. Two rooms (Riddick 214/216) are dedicated to small researcher-student interviews with ceiling mounted Standard-Definition or High-Definition cameras. The rooms are equipped with sound buffering panels and wall-mounted whiteboards, table-top portable whiteboards, table-top conference microphones, and ethernet access. Unobtrusive observation of the interview from the Observation room is possible through a one-way mirror.

overhead photo

Riddick 222 is designed for researchers studying students interacting in a group setting. The room provides researchers four perspectives from which to record video data, and four table-top conference microphones to record audio. The observation room also provides unobtrusive viewing of the interview from behind two large one-way mirrors.

All recorded video and audio data is captured in the observation room by an array of Apple Mac mini's and Mac Pros. All data collected is stored with redundancy protection. An audio mixer and matrix switch provides the researcher the opportunity to combine and condition audio from any microphone and reroute to any video capture device. Researchers conducting interviews can remotely control video capture as well as monitor the video of any camera wirelessly from a laptop in the interview room. Documentation describing how to best utilize the facility is online.

Details of the hardware installation are also available.

Click on each of the four rooms on the map below to explore its features for researchers.

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